Ruth reflecting on their life together: “I didn’t know when I married Bill all that lay ahead; I wouldn’t have had the nerve to marry him. No, I had no inclination of what was going to happen in the future.”

Billy about their marriage: “Ruth and I don’t have a perfect marriage, but we have a great one … For a married couple to expect perfection in each other is unrealistic.”

Ruth when asked if she had ever considered divorce: “Divorce? No. Murder? Yes.”
Source: Jon Meacham. “Pilgrim’s Progress.” Newsweek. 8/14/2006, pg. 36.

Ruth about Billy running for President, winter 1964: “If you run, I don’t think the country will elect a divorced president.”
Source: Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy. “Ruth Graham, Soulmate to Billy, Dies.”

Billy about life with Ruth after retirement: “At night we have time together; we pray together and read the Bible together every night. It’s a wonderful period of life for both of us. We’ve never had a love like we have now — we feel each other’s hearts.”
Source: Jon Meacham. “Pilgrim’s Progress.” Newsweek. 8/14/2006. pg. 36.

Ned Graham: “There never would have been a Billy Graham without a Ruth Graham.”

UNC-TV Program about Ruth and Billy: “As a family man, Billy relied on his wife’s strength and encouragement far more than any of his public ever knew … Her ability to make decisions about the household and family enabled him to pursue his ministry and travel abroad to the extent that he did–sometimes to over 10 different countries in a year.”

John Reinan, Charlotte Observer, about Ruth: “There’s an embrace. A few murmured words. And a smile from the woman who is the emotional rock of the world’s most famous evangelist.”